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November 10, 2016

How to Apply Your Surface Collective Wall Tattoo™

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About Us
At Surface Collective our goal is to help redefine your space in ways you never thought of before. Since 2006 we have been on the forefront of introducing wall decals or Wall Tattoos™ as a DIY home decor application.

We have surfaced in both commercial and residential spaces and continue to bring you unparalleled designs by highly acclaimed creatives from across the globe.

Our stance is simple. Good design should be accessible to anyone and the application should be easy and without limits. Our designs are original and exclusive to our collection and we are dedicated to creating new designs and products to inspire the space around you.

About Wall Tattoos™

Our Wall Tattoos™ are cut from a specialized vinyl that is specifically designed for home décor. Unlike standard high gloss signage vinyl, our product has a matte finish that gives a gorgeous painted look.

The edges are crisp, the effect is stunning, and the material is removable without leaving behind any trace of adhesive. Perfect for the temporary renter or for people who change their mind with the seasons.

About Laptop Tattoos™
Our cmd-o (command-o) Laptop Tattoos™ also help you to customize your laptop with the same simply to apply, easy to remove application.

In a wide range of high level designs to choose from, we help filter what you want without having to commit to just one. In a quiet world hidden behind laptops and ‘social’ networks, cmd-o Laptop Tattoos™ gives you something to talk about.

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