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February 12, 2018

How to Apply Temporary Metallic Tattoos (Lulu DK Tattoos)

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In this Video we will learn how to apply Temporary Metallic Tattoos.


Lulu DK tattoos are the longest lasting best quality Metallic tattoos in the World. They are especially known for how long they last. One week at minimum and up too two weeks with proper care. Talk about excellent value for your money on Temporary Tattoos. These Gold and Silver Metallic Tattoos are super high quality. Lulu DK was one of the very first companies to come out with Colored Metallic Tattoos, and their long experience in this field is evident. If you want to find the highest quality Gold Metallic Tattoos then you need look no further than the LULU DK tattoo line. Made in America these are not the knock off fake temporary metallic tattoos that you may find elsewhere for cheap. They are super high quality silver and gold tattoos that will not warm or irritate your skin with use. This is very important because there are a number of fake gold and silver metallic tattoos that can actually be harmful to your skin and your health. These are non FDA Approved counterfeit Flash tattoos from countries outside of the USA. These fake temporary flash tattoo stickers can cause irritation at best and harm to your health at the worst.

This video will help to teach you how to apply DK Lulu metallic tattoos in a safe and proper manner.

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