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August 7, 2016

home grimoires : tattoo machine

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Inspired by the tattoos of the sailors and the ex-inmates portrayed in Maurycy Gomulicki’s photos, we decided that our first home grimoire should be a homemade tattoo machine, jail style. The big difference is that at this moment we didn’t need to trade cigarette packs or sexual favors to get the necessary itens for the manufacturing. A few trips to the center of Porto Alegre was enough to buy all the parts and begin the mounting.

The grimoires that was used as magic diaries for years, holding magic recipes from the darkest spells to summoning spiritual entities, gains here another version, a little less mystic and homemade. In this sequence of videos we want to keep and teach step by step formulas showing how to make some crazy inventions.

Itens List:

50/60 HZ Motor
Silver Tape
Electric Guitar String
Nail Clipper
127/220v Power Supply
Stretch Wrap

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