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June 1, 2017

“Hipster Party” – It’s Your Town Short Film Series

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This film was made for New Amsterdam Vodka’s 48 hour film contest – yes that means it was created in only 48 hours! It was made to screen at the San Diego 48 Hour Film Awards and it won BEST COMMERCIAL!!

Our mission was to make a film that really shared the vibes of our town, and what better way to show the town than to show the lives of the brilliantly creative people who live here? My idea was to give you a taste of every day San Diego life, then show you how we all come together to have fun.

Here’s who made it all possible…
Film Team: Society Art
Director / Producer: Aly Bucholz Neely
Writer: Aly Bucholz Neely
Lead Camera: Aly Bucholz Neely
Camera 2: Nico Mengin
B-roll Camera’s: Brad Copeland, Lis Casillas
Production Assistants: Jordan Gregonis, Angellyne DePerio, Patrick Ciri, Rachel Alberto, Josell Mariano
Editors: Aly Bucholz Neely, Beau Runnells, Nico Mengin, Marci Pascua, Rachel Alberto
Music: The Silent Comedy
Music Editor: Joseph Carillo
Seamstress: Martha Martin
Tattoo Artist: Alonzo Villa
Tattooee: Eric Garcia
Mural Painter: Jason Feather
Skater: Cameron Franco
Dude: Michael Ficek
Surfboard Artist: Bill Sager
Dancing Girl: Laila Salvador
Dancing Guy: Melvin Fojas
Vanessa Lillegren
Jon Wavrin
Robert Brown
Dastia Bond
Travis Burleigh
Tony Cairo
Michael Novido
Justen Palmer
Danielle Hans
Robert Ramirez
Stephen B
Lori Jones
Dallas Cyr
Sylvana Wick
Josh Zimmerman
Chad Lee
Natalie Lorck
Jeremiah Zimmerman
Adam Lanser
Josell Mariano
Lee Allison
Cody Brady
Todd Allison
Reginal Generoso
Veronica Moreno

Thank you everyone for helping me share what I know of San Diego – it’s beautiful and creative artists …and how we like to party 😉

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