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October 19, 2016

Go Play Trains

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I wanted to get a tattoo for my son Ollie. I love this stage in his life where he can lose himself in his imagination while playing on his train table. So I got an old steamy on my arm with his name on it. While I was getting tattooed a couple of my friends helped me shoot this video to commemorate the event. Out of my curiosity for how ink disperses through the skin and love of shooting video “Go Play Trains” is born.

Special Thanks to American Electric Tattoo Silverlake CA & CO3 Santa Monica ca

Cinematography by:

Score / music by:

Additional Sound design by: Adam J. Wood

Color by: Taylor Black

Ink “Water Slide” real flow sim by: Adam Briggs

Edited by: D. Ryan Reeb & Adam D. Reeb

VFX by: D. Ryan Reeb & SpaceRace Digital

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Viewed: 6365

Original at Vimeo

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