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April 5, 2018

Get Inked with the Best Tattoo Artist

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There’s no shortage of artists in this city – especially when it comes to tattoo artists. The ink masters on this list are all extremely talented, creative, and unique in their own way.

5. Devin Stacey

Devin Stacey isn’t your typical tattoo artist. He’s kind of an oxymoron, a weird anomaly. He’s soccer playing super jock, whose work is a mix of abstract and metal. As the top artist in highschool, his passion for ink began in high-school where he earned the title of top artist. He was drawn into tattooing by a biker dude when he was 16 and has been working ever since.

4. Uncle Arlo

A bit of an introvert, Uncle Arlo from Gastown Tattoo doesn’t have to say much because his work speaks for itself. He has a fine arts degree and has been tattooing for over 6 years. Random fact: He’s really into jigsaw puzzles.

3. Electro-Lady Lux

Teresa, aka Electrolady, is a Jill of all trades with a colorful personality and an obsession with penises. (She has a penis tattoo of her own.) Her designs match her personality, bold, bright, and fun. She’s versatile in all designs but specializes in cover-ups and fix-ups.

2. René Botha

She’s always in demand, so much so that she’s currently booked until January 2017. We suggest you get on the wait list.

1.Katia Somerville

You can’t help but be drawn to Katia’s energy and aura. Her space is a place of tranquility and peace – a one-of-a-kind experience. She doesn’t take any walk-in’s and doesn’t create custom pieces. Instead, she creates tattoos and puts them up online and if someone reaches out to her because the piece speaks to him/her, she’ll tattoo it on them. Fun fact: She has an obsession with castles.

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