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January 9, 2017

F&F vlog: summer feels

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Some snapshots of the first few weeks of summer in San Francisco, before the fog rolled in. A decent portrait of how I spend my time when I’m not getting naked for a short: mostly, I heart the outdoors, I love pinball, old arcade machines, and anything retro, and I can probably drink you under the table. I also spend a great deal of time with people I love who have the patience to love me back. Currently, there’s one person. But if you’re trying to apply, that’s your checklist: be patient enough to take a disabled girl on a hike, to deal with me when I’m drunk, to relax enough to eat and watch cult movies with me, and to let me get the high score on any machine, always. Bonus if you know how to operate a camera, write your own screenplays, and make music. Seriously. ||
MUSIC BY: Chance Jones. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE MUSICIANS! I can’t stress this enough. My videos are nothing without their soundtracks; I am indebted to the people who let me use their work. So far, I think I’ve used more tracks by this band than by anyone else in my work (other than Marilyn Roxie). The lead singer’s been pretty gracious, please be gracious too and show some support:

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