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January 15, 2017


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Face My Tribe is a short documentary about the last generation women with face tattoos, living in the remote mountain areas of the Chin state, Myanmar. Face My Tribe reveals the history and stories behind the face tattoos and shows an image of how these tribes living.

Expect a cinematic short documentary including, unique footage, interviews, drone shots, interesting characters and overall epicness!

Face My Tribe is a non-profit production that has been created with passion and love for film during my backpack trip trough Myanmar.

In Myanmar you can still find pure and untouched areas. For this production I went to different villages around Paletwa Township. These villages are far from civilisation and had never seen a foreigner or a camera before.
This adventure has brought me in contact with so many amazing and welcoming people and interviewing these tattooed ladies gave me an exclusive inside in their life. I’m really grateful for this experience and I feel privileged to be the first one and maybe even the last only that has captured them.

-Reaching the tribes and communicating with them would not have been possible without the knowledge and help of ‘Naing Kee Shing’ and his crew. Naing Kee is member of the ‘Dai tribe’ and the only English speaking person around. If you ever feel like going to the Chin state, then this is your guy! (

-Veydra has provided me with their 12, 25 and 50mm mini prime that are build for mirrorless cameras with Micro 4/3 and S35 sensors. They offered me to use their cine primes during my productions and share my experiences with them. Face My Tribe is 90% shot on a Lumix GH4 with Veydra primes and I must admit, these lenses are so sharp and so compact, their perfect to travel with! (the other 10% are drone shots captured by GoPro).

Next to a limited amount of clothes my 50L backpack contained the following camera items:
-Panasonic LUMIX GH4 (main)
-Gopro Hero 4 Silver (drone)
-Gopro Hero 3 (behind the scenes)
-Veydra miniprimes 12mm, 25mm and 50mm
-Hoya 77mm circular polar filter
-Prodrone Byrd standard
-Benro travel angel tripod
-Manfrotto ball head
-Rodelink Wireless filmmaker kit

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