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July 30, 2017

Endless Boogie – The Savageist @ The Tote, Collingwood (5th April 2013)

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What can you say about Endless Boogie?

I have had about twenty people come up to me and say, “Hey Carbie, you just gotta see this band”, since they played Golden Plains last year. I would have been covering them at the Boogie Festival, since I have been the only official photographer of that boutique festival for the past couple of years with a media pass BUT I suddenly found myself on a plane going to Byron Bay to cover the five day BLUESFEST instead, over the long Easter weekend.

I must admit besides the positive word or mouth, I knew very little about Endless Boogie. I read a description that stated that “they make a raw and semi improvised racket in perpetual motion, heavy on groove and subtle detail, circular and rough shod”, which only gave me a headache. The band named came from the John Lee Hooker album title. I do know that they hail from New York City and they released their first album in 2005 but they have been jamming since the late 90’s. Endless Boogie comprise of guitarist Jesper Eklow AKA “The Governor”, Paul Major up front on guitar and vocals and also known as “Top Dollar”, Reno on bass and Chris Gray AKA “Grease Control” on drums.

I did know they had a personal love of obscure Australian music as they did namecheck Lobby Loyde’s solo work as well as his legendary band, The Coloured Balls. Well you can’t go wrong with that, in my books. Lobby was Australia’s first guitar hero!

The two Coloured Balls albums, “Ball Power”, “Heavy Metal Kid” and the later solo albums “Obsecration” & “Plays With George Guitar” remain four of the my favourite Australian albums from the early 70’s. Plus Lobby taught Billy Thorpe how to beef up his guitar playing and his aggressive guitar playing style influenced the whole genre of aussie rock from Thorpie to The Angels and Rose Tattoo.

Endless Boogie was announced to play one final gig at the iconic venue, The Tote. So with bated breath, I got front and centre, pointed my camera to the stage and recorded this epic twenty minute opening song from their set, with some 3D psychedelic projections. They play “The Savageist” which is the opening song from their latest and sixth album, “Long Island”.

Their whole set was amazing and the crowd wouldn’t let them leave the stage. There was definitely so much love in sticky carpet room that night for this band. It accumulated with a totally wild final song complete with a stage invasion of dancers, a fan completely taking over the drumkit mid song and even a lovely lady over consumed with so much boogie love that she stripped her top off and crowdsurfed. I have witnessed so many amazing gigs at The Tote is the night Endless Boogie came to conquer was one of the best

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