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November 21, 2016

El Ratón Asesino

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Marcus Walz is a bike builder from Germany.
In this portrait, he explains us how he built his new custom bike, based on the Yamaha XV950, and in general what are his inspirations, which memories in his childhood he still keeps today and how they helps him to create, how he fights everyday to keep focus and follow the way of creation.

EL RATÓN ASESINO – Director’s Cut

Director : Florent Igla
AD : François Lapointe
Sound engineer : Jean-Philippe Pollien
Color Grader : Renaud Grincourt
Sound Mixer : Ange Mucchielli
Music : A.N.
Production Company : Big Company
Producer : Stéphane Dalbec
Agency : Sol & Matheson
Client : Yamaha Europe

This a personal, director’s cut version.
There’s no and there’ll not commercial exploitation with this movie.

If you like it, please share it 😉

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