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April 28, 2017

Earthlite Ergo Standing Desk with Bevel Edge, Solid Bamboo Cherry Stain

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The strength of the bamboo is the most popular feature of our ergo standing desk. It’s remarkably strong, durable and beautiful. The Earthlite ergo standing desk design features a classic rectangular shape with a gently rounded cut-out where you sit, bringing the workspace right where you need it. It makes you feel like you are connected to your work surface. The convenient digital controller with LED display and 3 programmable memory buttons is recessed in the surface creating a sleek design. Simply press a button and adjust the height for any sitting or standing setup preference. With a dual column lifting system the Earthlite ergo desk offers the best, fastest, whisper quiet with a reliable lift system your money can buy. Earthlite desks come with a complete cable management system hidden under and with an easy to remove soft cover that way all the cords and cables are kept neatly and out of sight. All desks arrive assembled and ready to go. Our ergo standing desk looks and performs beautifully. It has been quality engineered to be strong and long lasting with a one piece steel frame that is integrated with the desktop. It’s the best power adjustable height desk found anywhere. A desk like the ergo makes you more productive, more energetic, reduces your risk of major diseases and yes, actually helps you live longer.Solid bamboo Desktop 60″ x 30″, standing desk weight 100 lbs
Dual Column lift capacity: 360 lbs., lift speed: 1.5 inches per second
Digital LED height Controller with height range: 24″ to 49″
Hand made in Vista, California
No assembly required

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