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February 27, 2017

Dunkin’ Donuts: How Dunkin’ Donuts Keeps Its Passionate Fans Running on Social Media — presented by Jessica Gioglio

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In her BlogWell Boston presentation, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Jessica Gioglio, talks about how they keep their passionate fan base running on social media.

Jessica shares key takeaways from their social strategy that include putting fans in the spotlight, using surprise and delight, embracing visuals, tailoring content to target audiences, and more.

Below is live coverage of this session:

—’s Lauren Clevenger introduces Dunkin’ Donuts’ Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Jessica Gioglio.

— Jessica: Founded in 1950 in Quincy, MA, The original Dunkin’ Donuts is still open!

— Jessica says Dunkin’ is a brand that is built for social. They receive content every day from fans, multiple times throughout the day. Photos of food, coffee, etc. Dunkin’ tries to keep it fun and energetic. Jessica says if fans are checking in with us, we should check in with them.

— Jessica: Instagram has boomed for us. Brand responds well to visuals.

— Jessica: They have a cross-functional approach to social: Interactive marketing, digital media, PR and customer service, Legal.

— Jessica: Creating biz case for social. Cultivate highly engaged online community. Celebrate Dunkin as all-day destination. Support go-local needs of business, U.S. and abroad (some menu items have regional menu items. Support brand growth and awareness in new markets.

— Mantra: We don’t own our social media channels — our fans do. Programs like Facebook Fan of the Week celebrates the fan who got a tattoo of a Dunkin’ coffee on her arm!

— Jessica: We share fan stories at #mydunkin. Created TV spots around fan stories. Surprise and delight fans with gift cards and goodies. Fans will take a picture and share with their social graph (without asking). Take care with what you write/send because it will be shared.

— Jessica: Tell a visual story. Produce images that appeal to fans to share on Instagram. Launched the first TV ad made entirely on Vine.

— Jessica: Go local. Empower local brand ambassadors to engage with key audiences. Tell the local story of “your Dunkin’.” We care about you locally, not just as a national brand.

— Jessica: Make promotions and contests fan-centric. Contests inspired by fan behavior. Highly creative, share-worthy UGC. Example: Dress up your coffee cup for Halloween.

— Jessica shares her key takeaways: Put your fans in the spotlight. Surprise and delight. Embrace visuals. Tailor content to target audiences. Use community insights to structure contests and promos.

— Jessica: At the end of the day, if it’s not fun and inspiring for community, they are not going to be inspired to participate.

Q & A

Q: — When you get fan-branded content coming in, what is discussion with legal before you share?

A: — Jessica: We do not share fan content on our Facebook page. If we were to do it, we would create terms and conditions.

Q: — What are you best practices for working with legal?

A: — Jessica: Get to know people, understand their knowledge base. We have internal and external legal teams. Collective wisdom, talk things out as a group. Don’t be afraid to ask why. It all comes back to building that relationship.

Q: — When trying to make things go faster with legal, do you use outside counsel just for social?

A: — Jessica: Only on special occasions when we have a problem we are going through. We don’t run every Facebook post by our legal team. We have guidelines, we understand messaging nuances, what we can and can’t say.

Q: — Do you have a preference for Instagram vs. Vine for video?

A: — Jessica: Magic is in the mix. Vine is amazing for stop motion. We are creating unexpected and fun content on Vine. Instagram is not so much for stop motion. Better for longer form videos, for example behind the scenes stuff, recipe videos.

Q: — What do you think of advertising formats where you can put hotspots in photos, using social photo streams?

A: — Jessica: Not something we have explored yet. Worry that promotion with Instagram loses integrity of content.

Q: — Can you share some lessons learned from last year’s Halloween contest?

A: — Jessica had lots of examples from last year to share, to show breadth of what’s possible.

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