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September 7, 2017

Digging Deeper: Advent Conspiracy – Part 2

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1. Here are just a few American spending statistics (from 2012):
$96 billion on beer
$16 billion on chocolate (2.8 billion pounds of chocolate)
$4.2 billion on perfume
$34.6 billion on gambling
$11 billion on coffee
$17 billion on video games
$65 billion on soft drinks
$11 billion on bottled water
$117 billion on fast food
$5 billion on ringtones for cell phones (worldwide)
$2.3 billion on tattoos; $66 million on tattoo removal
$310 million on Halloween costumes… for pets!
This isn’t meant to cause any guilt. We all spend money, sometimes wisely, sometimes a bit irresponsibly. The point isn’t to stop spending. The point is to create a deeper awareness of why we spend what we spend and how our spending habits might be affecting our souls. What are you initial, instinctive thoughts and feelings when seeing these staggering spending statistics?

2. How would you describe your spending habits? Do you have helpful guidelines, principles, or parameters in place to monitor your spending? If not, what are some steps you can take toward creating them in your life?

3. Take some time to read and meditate on the following Scripture passages regarding money.
Matthew 6v19-24, Proverbs 3v5-10, Isaiah 55v1-3, 1 Timothy 6v6-10 & 17-19
Consider your own spending habits and the way you manage your money and resources in light of these passages. How is God encouraging or challenging you through these passages?

4. Go to to find out more and get involved in our effort to build wells that will provide fresh clean drinking water for people all around the world in need.

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