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April 22, 2018

Diahann-Body Reflections Studio

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Body Reflections Studio, located in Van Nuys, CA, is a company specializing in 3D body casting with tattoo replication and was created by two very talented and creative men, Andrew Clement & Bryan Rodgers.

Andrew Clement, a master of design in animatronic effects, prosthetics and digital creature effects, has collaborated with Bryan Rodgers, an Entertainment Industry Property Master with 30+ years in the business and both have come together to bring this totally custom and specialized art to the discerning client. In other words, “You dream it, we will create it!”

Consult with our artists, tell us how you wish to preserve the individual and unique you and let us create a magnificent piece of self art for you to enjoy.

Body Reflections Studio is equipped with all the tools, amenities and expertise to design and re-create the clients vision of themselves with work that is performed at the highest level.

Your custom piece will be created to your exact liking and then be preserved for years, even decades to come!!

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