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September 2, 2017

Demi Lovato Feuds With Tattoo Artist

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Demi gets dissed by her lips slash vagina tattoo artist

I cant make these headlines up people – Demi’s former tattoo artist is firing back at Ms.Lovato for covering up the lip tattoo she gave her for free, years ago.
So, just a few weeks ago, Demi was really excited to get this new rose tattoo on her arm, to cover up a lips tattoo that she got years ago that she now says looks too much like a vagina – she captioned the monumental moment of ink on Insta with the caption

“Bye bye and hello .. Thank you SO MUCH to my brother @GEESPOTAT2… It looks beaaauutiful and I LOVE it!! #RIPvaginatattoo #kidsdontdodrugs,”
Well, well, well…the original “lips” tattoo artist Ashley McMullen was super PO’d at the fact that Demi was kinda dissing her original tat – and decided that she was going to unleash some shade like you’ve never seen before on Demi’s Instagram – posting these rants saying

“Cool post @ddlovato, thanks for getting the tattoo covered up I did for free that you specifically asked for. Not to mention you didn’t even have the courtesy to offer me any money in the first place.”

She continued, “You pissed all over our toilet seat and you made a fool of yourself. What a shame that people look up to you. The tattoo you covered it with kinda sucks too. Looks like you might forever be a goon.
And the hashtags were even worse: “#demilovato #scumbag #turd #claimstobesober #drankallthebeer #peepeetoiletseat #yousuck”

But the rant continued with Ashley saying “It’s a really nice example to people your setting saying to not do drugs, but honestly you were acting like a full time slob…Talking trash makes you look bad, girl. For the record I’ll be posting my story until I get an apology.You never even gave me a shout out when I dealt with your drunk ass.”

Talk about shady mcshaderson…Someone needs to get this girl a spa day with a quickness. She has worked up a pinched nerve in that comments section.

And as for that apology she’s looking for. Yeeeah, that definitely hasn’t happened yet. But, Demi did respond to this madness on twitter posting her version of the story, with emoji’s and if emoji’s could speak they would probably say…
I made bad decisions – I was drunk. I pee’d on your seat. And I got an ugly lips tattoo – Sorry not sorry – and YEP – I just killed that vagina/lip thing – and I definitely ain’t mad about it.

To be clear, that was my interpretation but I want to hear what yours would be in the comments section below? And what do you think about this girl Ashley’s rants? I can not wait to hear your thoughts but don’t go yet!! Click right here for a rundown of fun facts that you may not know about Ms.Demi Lovato. Thanks for hanging here at Clevver. Im your girl, Erin Robinson. Catch ya later gaters

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