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July 6, 2017


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Footage: Grant Yansura
Edit: Noel Sinclair Boyt
Music: The Crystals – Da Doo Ron Ron

NB: What was the filming process for COSMIC VOMIT like? I remember trying to buy that video multiple times on the Internet and everyone was always out…I loved that video.

JS: The filming process for that was super slow. I was in a weird place and not skating as much as I should have been. Ha, I don’t really like my part in that at all. I’m really stoked on everything Grant and I have for the upcoming one; CV2!

NB: What’s the biggest difference between Florida and Southern California?

JS: It’s way different. There’s always something to skate out here and always someone to skate with. I love Florida, but a lot of times i feel like spots become pretty scarce.

NB: How did the whole HABITAT thing come about? That has to be a dream-come-true type of scenario for a fellow from the East Coast…

JS: Yeah, it is for sure the biggest dream come true ever. It was always was one of my favorite companies. The way it came about was pretty random. I’ve known Austyn Gillette for years just through Tampa contests and stuff, but he moved to LA at the beginning of the year with Daryl Angel and we started hanging out and skating a bunch. He saw my footage and liked it I guess and sent it to the TM. He liked it and i got super lucky, ha. Thanks boostin!

NB: YELLOW BRAND…who, what, when, where, how?

JS: That was the first sponsor other than a shop I ever had. It was cool. i liked it a lot, but everything doesn’t always work like we would like. R.I.P.

NB: Who’s the most underrated skateboarder from Florida?

JS: Cody Lucas. Hands down.

NB: So what now? New projects? New hobbies? COSMIC VOMIT 2?

JS: Cosmic vomit 2; blood, sweat and tears for this fucker. December 20th…I hope people are stoked on it. Grant and I have been working really hard for this one. Everyone in the video has.

NB: What’s the worst and what’s the best part about being on the road? I entertain the notion that I’ll never return to the place in which I’m visiting…so in my twisted logic I find it acceptable to set fire to the night!

JS: The worst part is a dude who’s on the trip who just sucks…a complete munson. The best part is being in the van with the boys and skating new spots, getting amazing stories out of people you don’t know all that well yet.

NB: What’s up with the deathly hallows tattoo? I read the first few books and was always super pumped on all of the movies…Hagrid is my favorite.

JS: I’ve just always been obsessed with the books, ever since I was young. I was on a trip when the seventh book came out and my mom told me she got it for me…I flew home that day and read the entire thing in one day.

NB: What’s your favorite piece in the Autumn / Winter line right now?

JS: The David pant, definitely.

NB: Have you ever spent the night at The Berrics? I would imagine there are ghosts haunting that park at night…

JS: Um, no I haven’t and I don’t think I’d like to, ha. I’ve been in there late at night and yeah, it’s super creepy. But then again, I am pretty afraid of the dark…

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