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September 7, 2016

Como funciona maquina de tatuagem 3D (How Stuff Works – tattoo gun)

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Animação 3D mostrando como funciona uma maquina de tatuagem.
Realizada para a disciplina de Design, Linguagem e Comunicação, professor Isaac Camargo, curso de especialização em Animação em Mídias Digitais – Universidade Estadual de Londrina – UEL.

Produzido por Carlos Eduardo C. Pacheco Junior

Video text in english:
The pedal or footswitch is used by the tattoo artist to release or cut power to the tatto machine.
The source adjusts the voltage and amperage of the power sent to the machine.

The machine works by the force of attraction and repulsion generated by the coils.
Electricity is spread through contact force, passing through the electrolytic capacitor and coils;
The electrical current flows between the coils and the spring front, closing the circuit and causing the coils pull down the needle holder.
Cutting the circuit spring exerts a force back up, causing the needle holder up and thus causing the circuit is closed again.

The machine moves the needle to pierce the skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute. The needle penetrates about one millimeter into the skin and deposits a drop of insoluble ink with each puncture.

• Consider the social and emotional risks before making a tattoo;
• Never get a tattoo under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Besides these substances are harmful to health, your decisions should always be taken lucid;
• Consider carefully why you want to get a tattoo. The removal process is expensive and complicated;
• Do lots of research. Choose an experienced professional who uses sterile equipment and has performed work that you know and have enjoyed. Note whether the establishment is clean and has good structure;
• Talk to the tattooist is very important, do not save questions and ask for suggestions.

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