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October 26, 2016

Charles Huurman – Inspirational Story about becoming a very successfull tattoo artist

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Video interview with amazing tattoo artist and painter Charles Huurman from Utopian Tattoo Tribe Valencia/Kilkenny

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In this tattoo video we show story of one of the most amazing tattoo artist.
Humble, smart and extremely skilled Charles Huurman had to go through some tough times to realize what is the most important in his life.

‚’So loosing everything in that case, made me open my mind.
Because I was, I still am naive with many things, but back then I was much more naive.
Like many people are really bright and know from the start this is what I want to do, this is what I like, I don’t take this bullshit. ‚’

Loosing everything made him win everything.
He quickly made his way onto the top of the best tattoo artists in the world with his original tattooing style, great customer approach and professionalism he shows what is best in the tattoo industry.

In this MasterPiece Tattoos interview you will learn how he become a tattoo artist, how he makes sure he keeps learning new things and how important and interchangeable painting and tattooing are for him.

Make sure you also watch Charles talking about the importance of technology in the tattoo design creating process


and his portfolio video

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