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August 4, 2017

C’est Kalm.

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I haven’t written anything in a long time but dealing with the stress of not being able to write the french language caused a lot of problems on this project. Also not having a cool blog or a access to the television to see how every other hip hop artist makes a music video seemed to be a problem as well.

I write because music is cool music is life music is punk. I miss punk rock. I want to find a band to shoot a music video for, I want to know what their complaints will be. I want to know how to create something that makes me just release what I feel to be an artistic expression of mine.

I was in the park last week and I saw one of those guys that paints a picture of you if you ask him to, and after an hour of sitting if you don’t like what they make or pretend to not like what they make they may give you a deal or just yell at you as you have just wasted their materials.

I did this to some chump the other day, I dressed up like a thug and had my friend put some sweet tattoo art on my face…from there I walked around for the best guy I could find in park until I found some guy sitting in the shade and bugged him to paint my portrait. This guy used all the wrong colors and made my face look a bit funny, I personally thought the painting was lame, so told him to make a new one.


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