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May 19, 2017

Brittany SLAM X Think Before You Ink Vol. 1

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“Ironically its a concept that is commonly overlooked by today’s average tattoo seeker, “Think Before You Ink “. With the sudden surge of tattoos up roaring as a fashion trend, few consumers take the time out to think about these life altering body modifications before getting under the needle. Even though tattoos are slowly becoming more accepted to the public, rarely will you bypass viewing one without passing judgement, and that alone comes after race, gender and religion. Fortunately some have made a way for themselves despite how others may perceive them and have used their ink to their advantage in their daily and professional lives. Unlike a shirt or an accessory there is no return option, take the time to “Think Before You Ink” and make sure your tattoos complement your lifestyle.”

Brittany SLAM, the “Girl with the tattoo” as Miguel would say it, has been a fixture all over the city for a couple of years now. Her heavily inked skin, and beautiful personality have brought her all types of notoriety. With the first installment of the Think Before You Ink series we spend some time with SLAM as she explains to us what “Think Before You Ink” means to her. Shot + Sliced by JustDoIt

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