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September 4, 2017

Body Shadow

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space tattooing
how meridian system to tattoo

Project at GIthub

The meridian system (simplified Chinese: 经络; traditional Chinese: 經絡; pinyin: jīngluò, also called channel network) is a traditional Chinese medicine belief about a path through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows.





Aaajiao (XU Wenkai) was born in 1984 in Xi’an, and later moved to Shanghai, where he continues to live and work. Aaajiao is one of China’s foremost media artists, bloggers and free culture developers. In 2003 he established the sound art website:, and in 2006 he founded the Chinese take on the blog We Make Money Not Art: We Need Money Not Art. He is devoted to Processing, an open source visual programming software, Dorkbot, a non-profit initiative for creative minds, and eventstructure, an interdisciplinary center for art, media technology and academic research based in Shanghai. In his works in general, Aaajiao focuses on the use of data and its various forms of display, and how meaning is understood through the process of transforming the movement from reality, to data, and back again. His most significant aesthetic contribution to new media in China is a social one, acting as a vector for the interpretation and communication of international and local trends in the usages of software in artistic practice.

XU CONG is an new media and interactive designer , and a creative coder with VVVV. He is familiar with projection mapping technology and exploring new interactive ways. His work “Spectrum” was exhibited in Shanghai International Science & Art. He took part in some architecture mapping performs cooperating with artists lately.

Che Yejiong is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ,he is engaged in the Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of diseases in department of internal diseases‍ and pediatric diseases。‍He graduated from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in august 2005 and received a master‘s degree。He is now working and living in Hangzhou.

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