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October 13, 2017


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After Samuel Beckett : Quad I + II, “ Barbut “
Barbut is a gambling game that can have more than one participant. Most commonly it is played by two people and the main intent is pretty elementary which is having to roll a pair of dice and whoever gets the biggest number wins. Normally Barbut is practiced in lower class neighborhoods/suburbs and naturally the players don’t anticipate a whole lot from life except for betting everything they own such as their houses, cars, and even their spouses, not always expecting anything in return.
Samuel Beketts’s drama piece, “Quad I + II”, visually inspired me to create a similar concept joining the idea of Barbut and exhibit the concept between the fine line we all face in our day to day life, having to risk and gamble all or nothing.

1. My main objective is to show, in a simplified manner, how easy it is to win it all or lose it all applying black humor.
2. I purposly chose a plain space, (a room with four walls), similar concept as Samuel Beketts’ drama piece, “Quad I + II”, to convey indiference for the human good fortune. The only thing that exists within us is the actual human theory and notion.
3. Final goal is to bring forth the fact that Barbut is associated with the aesthetics and imagery of the rougher areas in lower class neighborhoods and its ignorant inhabitants. Although this association is not a positive one, in my opinion they are there to teach powerful life lessons. Barbut players have made this a way of life and although they bet all their valuables, they don’t expect anything as they do it so often and they will keep going no matter what the consecuences may be. They don’t rely on luck. A lot of them end up in jail, having to spend a good time of their life locked up.

In the performance video that I will be putting together will partake two actors wearing all white, reason being not to be influenced, passing judgement between good and bad luck. There will be five frames; first four will be shot in every corner of the room and the last frame will be shot in the center. Number five is pivotal to the performance because it is a common tattoo found on the faces of Barbut inmates symbolising the five dots on a die. They are products of the irony of life having to choose between all or nothing, the good and the bad, having luck or having no luck. Each frame will conclude of 30 seconds, bringing it to a total of 2:30 minutes. To tie it with Samuel Beketts’ piece “Quad I + II”, I took a fifth of his total perfomance time and connected it to my idea.

Video / Edit: Stefan Tanase
Sound: Inana
Performance: He Yuhui, Stefan Tanase
Special Thanks: Thomas Hofer, He Yuhui

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