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March 23, 2017

Artist`s diary: Long Zhang

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“Make each day your masterpiece.” John Wooden.

One day of artist`s life.
That video was part of group art exhibition in Shanghai “Unofficial Realms”.

For me, the main masterpiece of all artist`s life is his life. Not some canvas or movie, not music, it is all collaterally. The real artist all time displeased with his works, he wants to improve it. He wants to be better. To enjoy life at least. After you will die you will leave dozen things, if you were successful – hundred and thousand. But your main work will pass away with you. Your life. All that years that you spent to be better, to learn stuff, to improve your skill, all your relationship. Everything will die.

That short documentary video is my attempt to understand artist`s life and his work, to understand him like a person at first. What is he like? What is he do and for which reason? What is he think and how is he communicate with people around him? I think that it became a bit long and boring sometimes, but just in case if you want to see it for entertainment. If you will analyze every frame, you can understand a lot about Long Zhang, about Chinese young culture. It suppose to be series of short documentaries about different artists.

About artist:
Long Zhang is a young artist. He spends his major career as an illustrator, a tattooist, and a photographer. Freehand sketching is primary approach of his creation. His long-term designs can be satisfied by daily and simple materials, like pens, pencils and markers. Under Long’s introverted personality, his work shows the extreme of patience and exquisiteness. It is the result of the power of tranquility from within, and the amplification of reality; at some moment, in contrast, his work also expresses a sense of agitation and indignation, and a desire of exploding the inner consistency.

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