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March 16, 2017

Apefoscope Anamorphic Adapter – The Project

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I would like to have a pen, but not any pen…

a pen to describe the peoples face inside the bus in the way to work… each expression, the sadness in the eyes due to life is not the way they would like it to be… the lines drawn in their face by the bus motor noise everyday hurting their ears made to listen birds singing…

a pen to expose my emotions when everybody tells me to hide them…

I would like to downgrade my pen sometimes for a pen-cil to have the option to rub the paper vigorously after write a mistake in my life, erase the missed opportunity and rewrite it into an orgasm of happiness

I would like to have a pen-is not to cum for porn dreaming about girls I will never have, but a pen-is to write in my girlfriend’s skin how much my heart pulses for her… hoping the ink cum would last forever… just like a tattoo…

I would like to have the courage to exchange my beloved DSLR for a hacked pen in which the ink would be automatic multicolored changing taking into account the the meaning hidden between the text lines…

I would like to have a pen which could draw a movie in an electronic paper to avoid me the hard work to turn my ideas into a feature film and this way I could celebrate my sinful sloth

I would like my pen to be a sharp knife to hurt the film emulsion just as the film emulsion sometimes hurt us and make us cry inside the movie theater… and this way my sharp knife pen would write the story direct into movie images just like Norman McLaren did.

I would like to have a pen and some pieces of paper to make this writing task my lonely work to avoid the need to beg people to help me mainly when my sweaty money is not enough to pay for their willing

I would like to have a pen to tell how much Mary waits for John everyday in the bus station twisting her hopes for he to stop just looking and take the action

So my pen could tell that John can’t imagine Mary looking to her mirror to perceive if her beauty is enough to make him overcome his shyness and make the move

And my pen would find the words to make people imagine that mid age woman with her shining eyes in a hopping face when she sees the young lawyer inside his black suit up the bus stairs and stand by an old washed out advertising of the Nothing Hill movie.

My pen would have the power to describe the angels taking care of us hidden against the sunlight in the sky where the DSLR dynamic range could never show them… and they just laugh about the joke God always do not giving each one of us our operating instructions when we was born

So my pen could write the second life many people would like to have forgiven the beloved partner instead of breaking up…

I hope my dreamy pen do not stop taking the virginity of paper and makes me more happy than my never perfect DSLR

and I also hope I do not upgrade my pen into other tools to avoid turning myself into a forum member to discuss voice recorders, computer keyboards, writing softwares and printers.

Adriano Apefos

“Eu amava como amava um pescador, que se encanta mais com a rede que com o mar.” (Oswaldo Montenegro)

PS.: a pen-is is a pen with image stabilization. (it moves, but it is always stabilized)

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