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August 20, 2017

Annette LaRue – New Orleans, LA

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Annette LaRue took us up on a pitch we made in the beginning of our trip, we asked tattooists to tattoo me in exchange for some video coverage… While we had a few tattooists to take us up on the offer, Annette LaRue was the only one I fely ok with tattooing me… She was a pro, and beyond, and best of all she was an honest interview, she really shares a great deal of herself with no bullshit… That means a lot, when a subject takes the questions and interview seriously.

I plan on releasing more clips from Annette as well as most of the subjects I’ve posted online, but there is so much that I recall from this interview that has never seen the light of day… I guess we’ll see how that goes. There are also interviews in our book. You can check it out at

Here, Annette helps us understand – What is art?

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