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June 10, 2018

A Conversation Production- A Making Of…

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For my conversation brief this year I decided to base my conversation on how women are viewed by society for how we dress and the injustice of it based on an article I read about a 13 year old girl who in a court case, after it became known she had slept with a 41 year old man, she was called “sexually predatory.” I decided to focus on how words affect can us, especially when we are you and how we wear them though life, like a tattoo in our skin or like scars, I wanted to express how we where them as invisible armour. However I also wanted to show that they are only skin deep and we should all try to not let words hurt us. We are more than the labels we are given by society.
This was the first photo shoot I did out of three and for this I had decided to become project manager, set designer, set director, model director, photographer and typographer. It was a lot to organise and to accomplish in roughly the last 2 weeks of my 5 week long project, because after the research was finished there wasn’t much time left to organise my final outcomes. I had to book a space, make sure I had all of the equipment and tools that i would need, set up my own lighting studio, organise and photograph the models as well as write the typography all over them. Luckily I had help when writing the type on them from one of my models, who is also a graphic designer that specialises in typography, help me out during the day however I had to write all over him myself and it is extremely time consuming and took over an hour.
although it was a lot of work to take on I thoroughly enjoyed it and just wanted to prove to myself that I can do all of these things and develop my skills.

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