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Here you will find our own recommended tattoo kits and some of the most popular ones available today.

The art of tattooing dates all the way back to 12,000 BC. In more recent times this form of body modification has thrived. For awhile it was classified as an abnormal aspect of society but now Moms, Police Officers, Doctors and even Politicians can we seen with full-sleeves.

Whether you just want to have fun with your friends, tattoo yourself or make a living. A great way to get started in tattooing is to pick out one of our awesome tattoo kits. The ones we have assembled for you are comprised of items recommended by both amateurs and pros. Some kits seem incomplete or have decent pieces while the rest is junk. Our kits contain only the top rated items to save you the headache of wondering what to pick out.

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The Dragon

Was $260.18
Get this kit for only: $213.71
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Iron Horse

Get this kit for only: $211.35
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Bestseller No. 1
Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun 10 Color Inks Power Supply
  • Two DragonHawk tattoo machines for liner and shader
  • 10 popular color immortal inks, famous brand made in the USA
  • LED digital tattoo power supply with foot pedal and clip cord, Space aluminum frame power supply
  • EO sterilize tattoo needles, tips and more accessories for tattoo artist
  • Dragonhawk tattoo supply made for tattoo artists, make easy tattooing
Bestseller No. 2
Complete Tattoo Kit Machines Color Inks Power Supply Y-017
  • One machine for both liner and shader
  • A whole set of LED tattoo supply
  • tattoo ink
Bestseller No. 3
Bekith Double Sides 12 Sheets 8x6" Tattoo Practice Skins for Beginners and Experienced Artists
  • Quantity: 12pcs blank sheets.Both side useable
  • Dimension: 8 x 6 inches
  • Plain surface for freestyle design and practice, Practice different techniques, from outlining to shading
  • Made from synthetic skin-like material
  • Flexible and has a similar feel as human skin
Bestseller No. 4
30g Strong Topical Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream for Tattooing Waxing Piercing Pain
  • Maximum strength with strongest lidocaine content
  • Removes unneccesary pain of needle pain, tattooing, body piercing, laser, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, waxing, permanent cosmetics
  • Active Ingredient : Lidocaine, Preservative (Methylparaben)
  • OTC topical anesthetic skin numbing cream
  • Fast penetration and longer duration of numbing effect

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Tattoo kits are a great means of preparing yourself for your initial tattoo. The majority of people start by situating a firm that offers tattoo items and also buying the extreme basics – a tattoo machine, power supply (with foot pedal as well as clipcord) and also a couple of needles/grips. They soon concern understand that there is so much more needed for tattooing. Also a pupil tattoo musician makes errors though. Generally, by going over the apprentice’s demands for starting a tattoo, a qualified tattoo supply business can advise a range of pupil tattoo sets depending upon the demands and also technical demands of the apprentice.

Even at a fundamental degree, a great tattoo kit will have proper medical as well as safety and security items. Nitrile gloves, sharps enthusiast (for storage space of utilized tattoo needles or disposable holds before correct disposal), a surface area disinfectant such as cavicide (health center quality cleaner for eliminating hepatitis, TB, HIV and also herpes), high quality tattoo ink (numerous tattoo sets get sold with OEM brand inks that are far inferior to a reputation brand tattoo ink) as well as some sets even go as far as offering barrier plastic for protecting clipcords and also tattoo equipments from blood birthed virus during the tattoo procedure.

Something to think about when purchasing tattoo kits is whether an autoclave will certainly be readily available at the store – think it or not, some shops no more make use of an autoclave sterilizer. With the expanding use of non reusable tattoo holds and premade, solitary usage tattoo needles, some stores are opting to NOT possess an autoclave and also just throw away their presterilized tattoo grasps and needles after tattooing – further getting rid of the risk of cross contamination between clients. That being stated, before purchasing a tattoo kit, the choice to use non reusable tattoo grips vs steel tattoo grips has to be well considered. The benefit of acquiring steel grips – better balance, vibration dampening, and re-usability, the downside being you’ll always should scrub, saturate as well as sanitize (autoclave) your tools. With disposables the major benefit is security and comfort – you should constantly assure the grasp has actually been disinfected, never used prior to and you merely dispose of it immediately after the tattoo is full. No scrubbing as well as sterilization of the tattoo grip is ever before needed – just throw it away.

Some apprentice tattoo artists understand just what they have a need for, perhaps having tattooed at a previous store, or under the ‘investing in guidance’ of their coach. Sometimes, the professional tattoo artist needs to purchase a kit – whether it’s simply upgrading their shop devices or opening a brand-new terminal for tattooing at the store. Various other times, tattoo kits can offer such a good deal on fundamental tattoo equipment it simply makes more feeling to purchase the whole kit than just a few products.

Probably one of one of the most important factors in acquiring a starter tattoo set is not the preliminary acquisition rate, yet the total quality of the business you are buying from. Certain, it resembles a bargain now, however just what about later on, when it’s time to get more supplies? Was the tattoo equipment great or did you have a great deal of troubles with the economical one you gotten? Was the tattoo ink worth purchasing once again, or did you discover you had to redo all the tattoos due to the fact that the ink never stayed in the skin? Did every little thing rust? A lot more notably, does the firm market the very same things to keep you provided with your tattooing business or do you now have to locate another business to buy from? Repeat company is often compensated by the far better tattoo firms. How do you figure out? Call them. They typically have a toll complimentary number. Introduce on your own, discuss you bought a set from them (an approximate date is valuable) as well as provide any feedback on the package (are you satisfied with it? allow them recognize!). Tell them you’re interested in restocking some materials and inquire what sort of bargains they have going – you should commonly obtain a far better rate from a delighted salesperson compared to you would normally obtain online through their web site.

Have fun when picking out your perfect:

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